Lavender Fragrance



It’s no secret we’re totally into lavender. Beautiful, petite flowers and relaxing, rejuvenating fragrances are always welcome in our books (and products). You’re probably familiar with lavender (especially since it’s such an ingredient trend right now), but why do we love it so much? Here’s a little peek.

It has an elegant history. Originally from the Mediterranean, Middle East and India, these beautiful stalks quickly became the perfect ingredient for teas, body care, home fragrance and more. Lavender was even considered a holy plant by the ancient Greeks, which explains why it’s such a holy grail these days.

It’s meaningful. The purple petals of the lavender flower have long been associated with royalty and majesty. Add in more symbolism, like healing, femininity, purity and calmness, and no wonder people have loved lavender for ages.

It’s timeless in all things. Always popular, always fragrant and always on-trend. Lavender was originally found in the homes of ancient civilizations, and due to its amazing smell and wondrous properties, it’s made a name for itself through the ages. And as we’ve continued to explore fragrance over the years, we keep finding new ways to highlight the lavender scent.

It’s beautiful. The scent is gorgeous, of course, but the flower itself is seriously lovely. There’s a reason lavender gets tucked into bridal bouquets or shown off in gorgeous glass vases. Artists have even incorporated the flower into their works, whether it’s painted, printed or pressed.

It’s completely seasonless. Sure, floral fragrances are usually at the forefront in spring or early summer (before we get in the mode for something fruity and tropical, of course), but lavender is the exception. Give us a spritz for New Year’s Eve (or any other party you’re attending). Light a lavender candle on a cozy fall night. She’s definitely a year-round girl.

It plays well with others. Lavender is amazing on its own, but we’ve created a few blends that make it even better. Lavender and vanilla: the ultimate sweet treat. Lavender and woodsy scents: an instant escape to a relaxing retreat. Lavender and linen: so fresh and clean. The fragrance combinations are actually endless (and we love that).

It’s extra relaxing. Lavender essential oils are soothing, calming and utterly tranquil. Our aromatherapy collection features so many lotions, scrubs and body washes with lavender in the mix to help you sleep tight every night. And speaking of options…

It comes in so many forms. Think lavender-based body scrubs, body lotions, creams, bubble baths…you get the idea. We even created Bath & Body Works pillow mists to inspire a few lavender dreams. Plus, you’ll find lavender essential oils in candles and concentrated room sprays. We just love it that much.

Permission to explore lavender further – granted. Take a stroll through our lavender collection.