These scented goodies will earn you major kudos long after you hug goodbye on Sunday.


Our top gift pick? This alluring blend of midnight raspberries, velvety rose petals, and rich amber. Bonus: It’s so pretty you can skip the wrapping paper. SHOP


Meet her new signatures: Rose, In the Stars and Japanese Cherry Blossom. Trust us, she wants all three. SHOP

Fragrance mists

Fine fragrance in a mist as light as air. These can’t-miss mists keep her scent going all day, every day. SHOP

The world’s best 3-wicks

These scented candles (a.k.a. can’t-go-wrong-with gifts for her living room, foyer… you get it) practically guarantee the best Mother’s Day ever. SHOP

Wallflowers air fresheners

Here’s a no-brainer Mother’s Day gift idea: Grab some always-on fragrances. Pick a cute plug or two. Become the favorite child. SHOP

Gentle foaming hand soaps

The finishing aww on your gift? Yep, these suds. We formulate them with ingredients like shea, vitamin E and aloe for super-soft hands. SHOP



A good snooze. A quick pick-me-up. A much-needed de-stresser. Whatever she’s in the mood for, we’ve got an essential oil blend for it. SHOP

Have a lot on your plate? Like *ahem* brunch reservations?
These ideas make gifting extra easy and extra special.


They're all done up and ready to give. Just add a personal note (and maybe a box of chocolates). SHOP GIFT SETS