The everyday gift guide

Birthdays. Graduations. Bridal showers. Just because. There’s always a celebration—and Bath & Body Works is here to help you put together a super-special gift for every occasion (without any of the stress).

Birthday gifts

Ahead: birthday gift ideas they’ll love, use every day and totally brag about on Instagram.

An unforgettable 3-wick

Candles and birthday gifts for her go hand in hand. Our advice? Box up her absolute favorite fragrance—but make it even more memorable by including a picture and personal story inside. Shop

Skin cleansing

A spa day

Searching for birthday gifts for mom…or anyone who could use some alone time? Reach for a relaxing trio of aromatherapy body lotion, bath soak and pillow mist. Toss in a good book and she’ll love you forever.Shop

In the Stars Moisturizing Body Wash

For him: a fresh
fragrance routine

Every guy wants to smell incredible. Bold. Spicy. Clean. Whatever he’s into, we’ve got a birthday gift for him that’ll work its way into his daily rotation—or become his new signature. As for the forms? Go for a trio of shower gel, body cream and body spray to cover all his fragrance bases.Shop


Graduation gifts

Your grad’s about to enter the next phase of their life. So it’s a good thing these graduation gift ideas are just short of life-changing.

The perfect floral

Celebrate her achievement with this delightful fragrance with a blend of iced rose star jasmine and warm white amber.Shop

Skin cleansing

A home fragrance kit

From dorm rooms to new apartments, your grad’s place needs to smell (and look!) just right. A cute Wallflowers plug and a few fragrance refills and room sprays should do the trick.Shop

In the Stars Moisturizing Body Wash

That new car smell

Whether they’re prepping for a post-grad road trip or their first-job commute, their car could use a little freshness. A holder + their favorite fragrances = a graduation gift that goes the distance. Shop


Bridal shower gifts

No matter if you’re shopping for the bride or the party (hellooo, bridesmaid gifts), fragrance will forever and always be the right answer.

Something blue…Gingham!

For a fun twist on tradition (and a very happy bride), wrap up the spirit of Bath & Body Works. This fresh, vibrant fragrance smells so heavenly, she’ll want to wear it on her big day, honeymoon, basically every day. We recommend a perfume, a bubble bath and a body butter, so her entire rotation is covered. Shop

Skin cleansing

A perfume for every bridesmaid

Here’s a unique (and super fun) gift idea for bridal parties: a mini perfume that matches each member’s personality or zodiac sign. Don’t forget a note about your friendship and why you chose the fragrance. Shop


Teacher gifts

These all-too-perfect teacher gift ideas will earn you top marks in the class.

Suds with a personal touch

No mugs here. Instead, grab a hand soap or two (apple scents, anyone?). Add a fun gift tag with a personal message, like “You’re the best teacher, hands down!” Become the favorite student.Shop

Skin cleansing

A good night’s sleep

They’re up late grading essays and prepping lesson plans, so you know they could use a few extra zzz’s. Go for a Lavender Vanilla pillow mist and call it a day…err…night.Shop

In the Stars Moisturizing Body Wash

Gift cards

It’s a cliché for a reason. Teachers just love gift cards. They also really love personal notes and knowing they’re making a difference in their students’ lives. So be sure to include a nice card, too. Shop


Coworker gifts

Whether you’re hunting for your office bestie or manager, we’ve got some pretty fabulous, yet inexpensive gifts for coworkers that’ll make you the talk of the watercooler.

Instant chill

Our Eucalyptus Spearmint fragrance was basically made for the coworker who’s always stressed out. Grab a bottle of this aromatherapy lotion so they can moisturize and zen out on the clock. And if you really like them, fill a mason jar with folded-up motivational quotes for a daily confidence boost. Shop

Skin cleansing

Carry-on essentials

The globetrotter in your office. A gift bag loaded with TSA-approved goodies (like PocketBac hand sanitizer, hand cream, shower gel). It’s almost too perfect. If you’re feeling generous, toss in a mini perfume or cologne for the destination. Shop

In the Stars Moisturizing Body Wash

A room-filling single wick

Every workplace has that person who loves candles, and our single wicks are a match made in gifting heaven. They come in basically endless options and burn for up to 45 hours. Tie a ribbon around it and gift it up! Shop


Still stumped? Two words: Gift. Sets.

They’re all done up and ready to give for any occasion.

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